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Freelords running on GGZ; gcc 4.0

Categories: — josef @ 22:56

The turn-based strategy game Freelords is getting GGZ support. This means that if people want to play against each other online, they don’t have to look for a server anymore. Instead, they simply log into GGZ and then all join the Freelords - Experimental room, which will hopefully soon not be experimental anymore.
The web interface already has a basic savegame handler so that played games can be watched on the web. Somewhat tricky is the integration of network input with the ParaGUI main loop, since apparently there’s no way around polling for data. More on this soon.

On a side note, GGZ from CVS compiles with GCC 4 now. More or less each module had its share among the commits which fixed the sources, and while some of them were merely disturbing casting nitpicks, some real bugs could be found too.

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