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Artists are great

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It has only been some days that kde-artists.org is running, but the suggestion to include a forum section where application authors can request artwork has proven successful already.
Instead of creating the 25th icon theme or Yet Another Wallpaper, artists have the chance to help especially 3rd party projects with unique artwork, which is nearly guaranteed to be used by the project, instead of just being “one of many” as is the case with let’s say generic icon sets. While the main KDE desktop looks great already, many apps still suffer from insufficient artwork.

So today I watched and voilà got a logo for GHNS and an icon for a game project. Cute, isn’t it?

There are, unfortunately, still some flaws with the site. One of them (the display of full names instead of nicknames) I already reported, the other one is that it requires JavaScript, which is bad, since Konqueror from KDE 3.3 at least won’t cope with it.

On a side note, anyone knows how to use TaskJuggler in order to effectively plan the KDE booth for LinuxTag? I’ve tried to incorporate all the wishes, different arrival and departure times, different knowledge of KDE areas and so forth by hand, but it seems that automating this would for once be a chance to save time, and also promote TaskJuggler and its KDE frontend as time management software. However I admit I didn’t really try hard yet and probably won’t need it anymore this year.

Update 22:38: the artist-developer interaction was thought of by many other people as well, often for a longer time already, as is the case with the forum, which has existed for many months

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