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The world ends at 35

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Recently, while working on adding multiplayer capabilities to Ludo, I ran across this never-seen-before error message:

$ ggzd -F
Ignoring game server_arimaa, already at MAX_GAME_TYPES
Invalid GameType specified in room server_arimaa
No GameType given for room server_arimaa
GGZ Server: started

What did it mean? Well, apparently there was a limit which was never supposed to be crossed:

$ grep MAX_GAME_TYPES svn-version/ggzd/ggzd/ggzd.h
#define MAX_GAME_TYPES 35

Oddly enough, we DID cross this limit now, with the help of some external games.

$ ls BUILD/etc/ggzd/games/
ccheckers.dsc escape.dsc ggzcards-hearts.dsc goserver.dsc reversi.dsc spades.dsc
chess.dsc freelords-server.dsc ggzcards-lapocha.dsc hastings.dsc rubytoe.dsc teg.dsc
civserver.dsc geekgame.dsc ggzcards-spades.dsc kamikaze.dsc server_arimaa.dsc tictactoe.dsc
combat.dsc ggzcards-bridge.dsc ggzcards-suaro.dsc keepalive.dsc server_checkers.dsc tuxman.dsc
connectx.dsc ggzcards.dsc ggzcards-sueca.dsc krosswater.dsc server_hnefatafl.dsc widelands.dsc
dots.dsc ggzcards-fortytwo.dsc ggzcards-whist.dsc muehle.dsc server_ludo.dsc xadrez-chines-server.dsc
$ ls BUILD/etc/ggzd/games/ | wc -l

The new limit is now 50 gametypes. Let’s see how long it will take to get to this point…


December wrap-up

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There was a lot of snow during the weekend, and a lot of time for me to work on overdue projects again. So, what did I do during the last days?

A trip with PyKDE resulted in a usable application (not of interest unless you’re much into statistics), and a soon-to-be-usable application, which is a frontend for a generic board game framework.

Also, not only is the Dot now hosted by OSU-OSL, but to relieve KStuff.org from the burden that it has on the current small v-server, there is now new.kstuff.org in the OSU-OSL virtual machine park, although it doesn’t have any content yet. This will change over the next days to weeks, as what will be installed there will also be developed further in parallel.


FARnodes 1.0 Released!

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The FARnodes Simulation and Remote Execution Environment for Distributed Algorithms has been released today.
Features include:

  • Discrete simulator engine written in Python
  • Remote execution manager, graphical frontends, statistics analysis tools
  • Support for FAR and partial synchrony models
  • Failure detection modules (EA-FD, PS-FD)
  • Backend selection (UDP, TCP, internal) depending on desired channel reliability
  • Sample simulation scripts, some even proven for LAN/WAN usage
  • Documentation with a lot of diagrams, as well as an API description

Get it while it’s hot: http://web.inf.tu-dresden.de/~js177634/beleg/

This release marks the end of my Beleg work. The defense will still take place but finally some statically allocated time has been freed for other use.

FARnodes 1.0 Teaser
Image: Live consensus run in November 2005 over 3 continents

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