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Tiradentes no dia 20 do abril :)

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É engraçado que para mim, o Dia de Tiradentes não aconteceu no dia 21, mas um dia antes. Por que? Porque fui para o dentista e ele tirou três dentes! :-)

Pois, já estou recuperando.


LinuxTag 2006: Free entrance - Konq story!

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People who want to visit LinuxTag in May this year and think: uh, the expenses will add up again, can optimise their budget and get a free eTicket in advance directly from the KDE booth team. We’re going to shell out 20 of them to Planet KDE readers (but feel free to spread this!) on a FCFS basis.

In order to get one, write a one-page story about a day in life of Konqi (or Katie), like from when he gets up to what he/she does all day. The stories will be collected and be published as a PDF during LinuxTag.
My email address is waiting for story submissions, and all we need is a valid return mail address for the ticket.

If you want to stay longer or help on the booth actively, we’d be even more glad to hear from you - in this case, please do not apply for eTickets, we’ll have regular exhibitor passes. But you’re still free to write Konq stories in this case.

Update: No, story language does not matter, write in whatever language you’re fluent in. We’re a localised project after all.


April 10 is Cool Projects Day

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While space travel fans will look forward to April 12 (День космонавтики, or Cosmonaut Day), or April 11, the National Hero’s Day in Costa Rica, today also is a commemorable day. Not just because 36 years ago, Paul McCartney announced he’d leave the Beatles, but also because in 2006, many cool projects were released in a new version again.

Cool Projects Day


Nouvelles du jour

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There’s now an article on GGZ on Jeux Libres, thanks to phh.
But this is not the only news. We’ve got board game engines for Sudoku and Shogi, the Debian packages see some more uploads, and finally, the web tools like Mantis for bug tracking or Trac for a web interface to SVN were introduced or upgraded.

GGZBoard alone encompasses more than 4500 lines of Python code now, whereas the rest of GGZ-Python has been sexied up so that new game projects like OpenRTS can use GGZ to build a gaming community.

We also run for the Trophées du Libre again, even though the event is still some months ahead.

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