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KDE 4 ad-hack meeting

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Frinring invited tokoe and me for a spontaneous hacking day. We spent a whole day in his kitchen and tried to move forward with a few outstanding issues in KDE 4 development.

Frinring’s day started with a whole lot of CMake troubles. He then used the time to introduce us to some plans for the future of the Contacts applet. Note that the one on appsy is a bit outdated, check out the new sources from playground.

Some usage of the Akonadi service was then discussed with tokoe. This was really about a lot of PIM stuff I have no clue about but there’s an interesting graphics which was sent to kde-pim, explaining how QFileWatcher will make your desktop a bit more dynamic, and consolidating the various UI implementations for user-friendly selection lists.

My part was working on the WSGUI editor mostly. It will be released in one month, and relies on some web service and widget factory stuff from the Kode framework which is living inside KDE PIM (but is otherwise usable independently from it).
In particular, the dynamic web service invocation tool Kung will get a second rendering engine, based on Qt Designer’s UI files with custom widgets. The current work is being done in the schema-refactor branch. The XSD API in particular needs some improvements, this is what mlarouche is working on mostly.

The obligatory photo, missing myself:

And now back to lurking mode, until my thesis and the associated software will be done.

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