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Like a new life

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Not being a student anymore, I enjoy the continuous work in the field of research I’ve already been involved with for several months, while still maintaining a big chunk of free time to care about my projects.

First of all, attending aKademy 2006 broke my iBook, a long-time companion of mine and practically the only machine I had. (Interestingly, aKademy 2005 broke its power supply already - a curse?)
Apart from that, it was an overall nice conference. I had two BoFs, one about games and one about web services. In addition, I attended the one about edutainment since it usually shares a high number of issues with game development, and spreading software libre/livre into education is a very important process in my view.

Dublin was followed by London with a small personal GGZ developer meeting. The 3 attendants celebrated the largest project meeting ever :)

London was followed by Dresden which hosted the national Week of Computer Science. We warmed up with a nightly geek culture presentation event and then proceeded to the yearly climax in local free software advocacy, the Linux-Info-Tag event with maybe 500-600 visitors. Thanks to frinring for the detailed reports.

We had an excellent week in collaboration with the Wikipedians who held their 2nd Wikipedia-Tag in our city. What really amazed me is that they managed to bring Wikipedia to the people on the street by providing it free of connection cost at public internet terminals together with our local public transport holding.

The already fully-packed event week was finished with the matrix-like opening ceremony for our new faculty of computer science. My office there provides a great view over the skyline of our city, which led me to name my new computer vista. This is why I go by this nick on IRC now and everyone who associates this with a certain kind of vapourware is pretty much uninformed about which desktop I really use.

I’m now looking forward to some interesting research work, particularly the visit of the FSG OpenPrinting Summit where I hope to contribute some of my work on dynamic user interfaces.

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