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KNewStuff2: small steps ahead

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KNewStuff2 is probably the slowest in a series of new libraries for KDE 4. All the glamour already went to other libs, which are summarised on the KDE 4 Architecture page at techbase. I didn’t deem it appropriate to invent a new name for the rewrite, hence appending the 2 is all it takes to make a difference. Under the hood, however, most of the code is rewritten and a lot of new features are being added gradually.

As I’m a bit short of time, there are no strict deadlines other than it will have to be ready for the α release. Everything has been ported to KDE 4 and CMake already, a process which happened in parallel with the old codebase, now known as knewstuff1-kde4 (living in trunk) as opposed to knewstuff2-kde4 (living in the branch until some Monday).

There’s also some news about Hotstuff, a server-side data processing framework for GHNS. In a recent discussion with Annma, the need to manage remotely administered SVN repositories came up - such as for authors who maintain their data in KDE’s SVN to avoid dependencies on the availability of dedicated servers and still want it to show up in the dialog easily.
Those who look into Hotstuff WebSVN from time to time will be glad to know that with just a few lines of changed code (in rev #341) this functionality is now supported by Hotstuff. It already had a versioning backend for traditional uploads (e.g. through HTTP(S)) which does now handle this second way of dealing with versions. In order to put up a cool demo, I’d need the AnonSVN locations of the directories. What will need to be done is to store meta information properly alongside the files, in case this is not already done. Certain fields such as author, date and version might even be retrieved directly from SVN. One could even write a pre-commit hook which checks for syntactic validity, but the SVN-Python hooks are a PITA to work with. The real Python way would be to abstract from the SVN API and to deliver the list of changed or added files and directories as simple lists of objects. Anyone up to fixing this?

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