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Joining desktop and web forces

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Usually I refrain from bragging about technologies which are still under heavy development. However, since our barefoot friends seem to have a somewhat different position on the integration of online services into the desktop than I have, I’d like to invite fellow developers to see what our common position looks like.

A brand-new mailing list named kde-services-devel has just now been made available for those who feel that just having a desktop with a few widgets and icons is not enough.

As examples of integration technologies under development, you’ll find the IPC-WS bridge in the webtech folder in playground-libs. Now D-Bus and SOAP are not exactly the best representatives of IPC and RPC protocols, respectively, but they provide good tooling and developer support, so they were selected to serve as an example for this approach.

The OpenDesktopID project in the same folder is an attempt to leverage OpenID for the desktop. This means that any application which can access KIO’s cookie jar will be able to be part of the authentication scheme which gets more and more use among web applications. Again, using OpenID for the implementation is a rather pragmatic choice, as there are other contenders.

A lot more web technologies and services were already developed in the past and are in use every day. Their further development and integration can and should as well be discussed at this list.

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