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Viva Brasil! ODF para todos!

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As a member of FFII I’m proud to announce that Brasil has defeated Germany 1x0 in the fight against a useless, proprietary, redundant and underspecified office format. Some detail can be found on noooxml.org, more in-depth reports (in Portuguese) at softwarelivre.org.

As a German I’m disgusted how the German Institute for Standardisation handled the fast-tracking on their side. As a matter of fact, I’ve submitted my proposal for Open DIN A4X, a similarly underspecified paper format which deviates slightly from DIN A4 and requires some knowledge of legacy paper handling. Up until now, DIN was unable to provide me with a price tag I’d have to pay to push it through, they didn’t even reply to me. I urge all Germans to come up with other innovative paper formats and submit them to DIN while they have their “summer of 2007 special offer” for fast-tracking such world class ideas.


Ruby Hoedown event

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If you live in or near North Carolina, or if you are rubyist enough to afford a flight to that area, don’t miss the Ruby Hoedown event at the coming weekend which takes place at the RedHat HQ in Raleigh.
Among other great talks about programming in Ruby, Andrea O.K. Wright is going to present slides about game development in Ruby, which includes a section on GGZ technology for online gaming.
Yup - that’s the same technology which is being used in the dominant free desktops and several other games. If you want to know why Ruby powers GGZ, sign up.


SMC AR4505

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Ein wenig wundert es mich schon, dass man zu obiger Modellbezeichnung eines WLAN-Routers quasi keine Einträge in einschlägigen Suchmaschinen findet. Dem sei mit dieser Meldung nun Abhilfe getan. Falls jemand solch ein Teil mit {Open/Free/DD-}WRT betreibt, würde ich gern etwas darüber hören. Momentan sind sämtliche SMC-APs in der Hardware-Datenbank als WiP deklariert.

Das Baby wurde allerdings bereits auf den Namen ‘’parada'’ getauft.

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