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Viva Brasil! ODF para todos!

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As a member of FFII I’m proud to announce that Brasil has defeated Germany 1x0 in the fight against a useless, proprietary, redundant and underspecified office format. Some detail can be found on noooxml.org, more in-depth reports (in Portuguese) at softwarelivre.org.

As a German I’m disgusted how the German Institute for Standardisation handled the fast-tracking on their side. As a matter of fact, I’ve submitted my proposal for Open DIN A4X, a similarly underspecified paper format which deviates slightly from DIN A4 and requires some knowledge of legacy paper handling. Up until now, DIN was unable to provide me with a price tag I’d have to pay to push it through, they didn’t even reply to me. I urge all Germans to come up with other innovative paper formats and submit them to DIN while they have their “summer of 2007 special offer” for fast-tracking such world class ideas.

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