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Text-based presentations: Peek at Pyntor

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Alex asked for text-based presentation software. One decision to take is whether to use text mode only for the creation (e.g. LaTeX presentation classes such as Beamer or Prosper) or for the presentation itself. There’s TPP, the Text Presentation Program, written in Ruby which works fine.

A good choice in between is Pyntor, which is AFAICT the only fully modular presentation program on this planet. And of course it supports TPP slides, but also gives you the full power of Python for any graphical effects. A number of modules, e.g. for displaying SVG, are already included.

Disclaimer: I’m slightly biased towards Pyntor because I wrote it :) It’s not actively maintained at the moment but I’ll glady accept wishlist items.



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My slides for the FOSDEM Lightning talks were just sent in, nothing can go wrong, except that I’m the last speaker on Sunday and could be trapped into drinking Belgian beer while missing my flight back to Berlin. The devroom slides are also mostly finished.

Now I just need to find the magic KDE boothbox, for it needs to be sent to CLT («Innovation thanks to Freedom»).

Finally, on to creating more slides for my lectures. «The internet as a device» will raise enough questions to close the link to the FOSDEM research room, and will hopefully appeal more to my students than other people’s approaches.


Weekend hacking report

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After buying a new jacket and several other real-life errands on Saturday, I’ve spent most of the weekend hacking like I haven’t been able for a long time anymore. Not joining IRC or reading too many news proved very valuable for the desired level of productivity. Reaching #11 on CIA today, commit 9700 went into GGZ SVN. The next snapshot (0.99.2) is scheduled to happen live at FOSDEM, and one week before we’ll finally wrap up the changes on the stable branch to release
Most of the recent work in trunk went into the libraries for game developers using C, Python and Ruby. They’re all in a good shape now, and C++ will follow soon. Two side products were created: First, a Python module pyancillary to transmit sockets over other sockets, still not supported by Python out of the box. And second, a new tool ggz-faketable to launch GGZ-enabled game servers and clients from a single tool, allowing central debugging and behaviour analysis of the components without interference of networking issues and without the complexity that running ggzd and client-side game launchers usually involve. And then there was even enough time on Sunday to refresh my pitifully small knowledge of Türkçe, although in light of the trip to Belgium concentrating on Français and Vlaams would be more useful…


Semantically enriched confusion

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KDE, with its 500 employees, gained 10.9 million dollars in revenue in 2007. However, the future looks tough with Linux (from Seattle) starting to enter the market as a competitor.

Sounds weird, huh? Such content will likely increase on the web if people who think they get semantic relationships (while in reality they don’t) want to create some fortune with little effort. The example in question comes from Zoominfo. However, this is by no means the only site relying on automatic data extraction to build up relationship graphs.
On Pipl, a people search site, the kdelibs relations show some guy named Kio Kio as being our most important contributor. This ‘name’ sounds surreal enough to warrant a combination of those sites with nonsense paper generators to see if the acceptance rate at dubious conferences could be increased.


Die Post und der Datenschutz

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Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich bei der Datenkrake Post mal angefragt, was denn dran sei an den Berichten über die Weiterleitung aller möglichen und unmöglichen Daten zu den Freunden jenseits des großen Teiches. Bis heute habe ich dazu keine Antwort bekommen. Vermutlich gibt es da diverse Geheimhaltungsklauseln. Möglich ist natürlich auch, dass ich statt dem webbasierten Kontaktformular einen guten alten handgeschriebenen Brief hätte senden müssen, um somit gleich in den Genuss eines Eintrags zu kommen. Mit passender OCR-Software könnte man ja mal diverse OpenPGP-verschlüsselte Briefe aufsetzen. Hm…

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