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Multiplayer in KDE 4

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For a couple of months now the KDE Games Breeding Area has been surprisingly active again. One of the initial reasons certainly was the need to get something done for KDE 4, but then it all comes together and one idea follows the other pretty quickly. Several topics are being worked on in parallel and both regular meetings and casual talk happens on IRC (irc.freenode.net #kdegames).

While I better don’t contribute “fancy” self-drawn icons, there is something really missing from all of kdegames and this is a community-oriented gaming framework - one where you can simply chat up your friends to join you in slashing and ripping apart evil monsters (translation for kids: to roll a dice or two).
Now it happens that there was the kggzmod library dormant in GGZ SVN and I took the chance of finishing its implementation, which is for KDE 3. That being done, it not only was equipped with full API docs but also a KDE 4 port.

The example game (KConnectX) has also been ported to KDE 4. What still needs porting is the GUI framework around kggzmod, which includes a seats dialog for player management and statistics, maybe also a common chat dialog and for the future a connection dialog for individual games, for people who want to launch them from KDE’s menu instead of from GGZ core clients.

The long-term roadmap is to overhaul the ggzcore++ library as well so both the KDE core client (kggz) can be made more attractive and the games can run in the embedded ggzcore mode which allows them to have a connection dialog on their own in the first place. But this is rather targeted at KDE 4.1 I’d say, as I think I’ve got some other obligations.

More on that over the weekend…


  1. what I’d like is to be able to invite people to a game over jabber. :)

    Comment by Chani — 8.12.2006 @ 19:15

  2. Any plans to integrate the real-time communication in Telepathy/Decibel bandwagon ?

    Comment by Michaël Larouche — 9.12.2006 @ 00:18

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