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Roadmap for multiplayer in KDE 4.1

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This is an update to the previous roadmap for KDE 4.0. What we have achieved already is game client support, including player statistics, per-room rankings, chat and all the low-level networking transports for quantised and raw packets.

In KDE 4.1, we’re going to provide game server developer with kggzdmod, which mirrors the API of kggzmod to keep the learning curve at an acceptable level. With kggzmod, it will be very easy to manage players, spectators, bots of varying levels, abandoned seats, player and team scoring, savegames and (soon enough) game continuations.

In addition, kggzcore will replace the venerable ggzcore++ library for writing core clients. The old core client (game client launcher) KGGZ, which was first written when KDE 2.0 was close to beta release, will be replaced, too. The name KGGZ already serves nicely as a generic term for all GGZ components in kdegames, hence a new name is sought for the core client. I just checked in the first sources. As opposed to ggzcore++, no more artifacts of the underlying C library will be visible. However, it will still be present, so kdegames will get a new optional dependency. If people volunteer, then we can substitute this part as well, which is mostly state keeping and XML parsing and tons of other minor tasks.

KSquares recently received the initial commit for multiplayer support, although some bits are still lacking.

The GGZ snapshot 0.99.1 will be released soon. For the next snapshot after it, GGZ support shall be complete for all 4 programming languages: C, C++, Python and Ruby.

We’re also still looking for any hero who wants to host a server for us which is currently sitting around idle, searching for a power plug and a network cable. Please contact me if your rack is not full already and you want to become a big name for the free desktop gaming community.


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