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Semantically enriched confusion

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KDE, with its 500 employees, gained 10.9 million dollars in revenue in 2007. However, the future looks tough with Linux (from Seattle) starting to enter the market as a competitor.

Sounds weird, huh? Such content will likely increase on the web if people who think they get semantic relationships (while in reality they don’t) want to create some fortune with little effort. The example in question comes from Zoominfo. However, this is by no means the only site relying on automatic data extraction to build up relationship graphs.
On Pipl, a people search site, the kdelibs relations show some guy named Kio Kio as being our most important contributor. This ‘name’ sounds surreal enough to warrant a combination of those sites with nonsense paper generators to see if the acceptance rate at dubious conferences could be increased.


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