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GSoC 2008 offer: Adaptive printer dialogue

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What does the future of printing look like? While nobody knows for sure, there are certain trends such like the ubiquitous availability of a printing service nearby, available from the user’s computer. When devices are discovered dynamically, their capabilities need to be conveyed to the user. Right now, only the most basic printer options show up as native controls in the printer dialogue, and often the more interesting ones are hidden. Furthermore, printing habits such as always wanting to save on toner translate very badly into the UI at the moment. The Linux Foundations Open Printing group has initiated a move away from today’s inflexible printer dialogues towards something better from a usability and a technical angle.

The Google Summer of Code task of working on the Common Printing Dialogue is about translating usability and interface engineering concepts, together with some more formal research on dynamic GUI generation, into a top-notch GUI to conclude and validate this effort. Two mentors, Jonathan Riddell and me, will be available, and hence up to two students could work on the topic. Contact either of us if you’re a potential student and want to know more about it beforehand or want to propose your own idea related to that one (see contact data below the idea description). If you’re in for more than just the coding, make sure to sign up to KDE’s kde-research and LF’s printing-summit mailing list as well.


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